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Secure digital card driver and fat16 driver are now merged on a sourceforge repository. This repository is dedicated to the portage of tinyos on the stm32, but contains all stuff needed to use SD et fat16 drivers for telosb and micaz motes.

Now you need to clone
to have the stm32 implementation and drivers.



  • Decompressing the archive generates a directory structure compatible with TinyOS-2.x.
  • Plateformes (to be added to the target platform directory):
    • for the micaz, add:
    • for the telosb, add:


  • SPI Connection
  • Cards up to 2 GB are supported and have been tested
  • Functional on all MSP430-based platforms with at least 2 KB RAM and on the micaz mote


  • Tested with partitions up to 256 MB.


  • Data are appended at the end of file
  • Support for opening multiple files (depending on available memory)
  • Files are not created by the embedded system: they must have been created on the host PC.